Retail Solutions

Running a retail business is a challenge.

Today, consumers have high expectations, asking for a fast delivery, the best price and a fluent customer experience.

To support their requests keep control of your sales and business processes using Odoo software.

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Product information in the store, webshop, advertisements or other channels should be consistent so customers can use any kind of sales channel they prefer. When sales orders get centralised, customers have the ability to pick up or deliver where requested, every shop, store or warehouse can easily find the requested numbers and stock gets reserved among the company, no manual handling is necessary to deal with this automated process.

Odoo includes an app for B2C and B2B eCommerce. This enables a seamless integration between your online sales and the warehouse process directly followed after. Using Odoo you have an all-in-one package ensures a smooth handling of every deal whether it has taken place online or in a store.

Inform customers automatically, based on your internal logistics planning. For example a customer can be notified of the delivery by e-mail of by a customer portal. To fulfil the request, goods can automatically be ordered at the supplier, and in case of drop shipping, the supplier will deliver directly to the customer.

Since already 10 years Odoo selected eCommerce as a must-have application in their all-in-one ERP system. Thanks to this mission they extend eCommerce features every year, like setting up SEO tags, maintaining content management and having a synchronised responsive design among all different kind of devices.

  • Automated communication towards the customer
  • Online webshop directly integrated with invoicing and warehousing
  • Managing a store using the point of sale 
  • Publish products on different market places directly
  • High end responsive design on every type of device
  • Managing your own webshop by using the content management system
  • Using the customer portal for customers to leave a question behind or follow up the delivery
  • Deliver goods based on automated stock routings and a managed reservation system
  • Directly deliver from the supplier to the customer using drop-shipment
  • All-in-one software with many standard integrated apps like sales, purchase, inventory, invoicing, accounting, customer service and more